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Psst. When I interview you, I’m actually rooting for you.

I’ve been interviewing a lot of candidates lately for our open SharePoint positions (developers, BAs, QAs …). It’s nothing like the summer of 2009, when I interviewed over 200 candidates in a couple of months, but we’re in…

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The “Midvale School for the Gifted” approach to requirements gathering

A parable:  I once worked near (but not ON) a team of SharePoint consultants whose client had a problem. The client had rolled out, at great expense, a project-workspace solution for their teams to share documents, schedules, photos, finances,…

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These Things I Believe: A Manifesto

My totally NON-deep-woods-shack, NON-long-beard-long-fingernails SharePoint Manifesto — totally NOT scratched out on a long roll of paper towels with a pushpin and my own blood, I swear DISCLAIMERS: Please take this list as a humor piece first. This is mostly…

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