Metalogix ControlPoint issue–“WebApp is not configured for Axceler”

The company I currently do SharePoint consulting with, Slater Hill Inc, is a partner with Metalogix, the world leader in management tools for SharePoint, and I had a great experience with Metalogix product support I’d like to share. Yesterday I deployed Metalogix ControlPoint at the site of one of our clients, a county public health […]

TALKING TO USERS: the Midvale-School-for-the-Gifted approach

A parable:  I once worked near (but not ON) a team of SharePoint consultants whose client had a problem. The client had rolled out, at great expense, a project-workspace solution for their teams to share documents, schedules, photos, finances, etc. etc., with a workspace for every project. For some reason, the workspaces went over like a lead […]

PRE-FLIGHT CHECK: the 2 questions you MUST ask on any SharePoint project

For any SharePoint endeavor (or any technology project, for that matter) to be successful, you must strike a delicate balance between the Business and the Technical. They are two sides of the same coin. Most technology projects fail, many because the technology is in the driver’s seat, and unbalances the project to the detriment of […]

“There are no activities in your newsfeed”: a little-publicized change in SharePoint 2010 Service Pack 1

This is a common frustration out there in the SharePoint user community. I have seen lots of posts from people pulling their hair out trying to get Activities to show up. You set up your My Sites host, and the newsfeed (“What’s New?”) web part on the home page shouts moronically at you, “STAY CONNECTED! […]

Pssst. When I interview you for a job, I’m actually secretly cheering for you.

I’ve been interviewing a lot of candidates lately for our open SharePoint positions (developers, BAs, QAs …). It’s nothing like the summer of 2009, when I interviewed over 200 candidates in a couple of months, but we’re in full interviewing mode. Over the years I’m coming to think that many candidates either have no idea […]