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Ten things I love about Omnia Intranet

Over the past two decades, I’ve implemented dozens of company intranets using many different platforms, including on-premises SharePoint Server, SharePoint Online, Valo Intranet, LiveTiles and Powell 365. Below are ten reasons that Omnia Intranet by Precio Fishbone is my favourite platform. 1 Speed. Omnia Intranet doesn’t use SharePoint’s UI. It has its own page infrastructure engineered […]

Displaying PowerBI reports directly on Omnia pages

When your digital workplace is a mix of Omnia publishing apps (for company-wide intranet content) and SharePoint Team Sites (for smaller groups), page authors will notice a difference in the authoring experience. Omnia pages render their content in Blocks, a proprietary widget technology, but SharePoint Online uses Web Parts. The gallery, or “bin,” of available […]

Omnia’s former biggest weakness is now one of its strengths

Slater Hill has been implementing Microsoft 365-based “intranet-in-a-box” products for years now, starting out with LiveTiles and Powell 365, then adding Valo and Omnia later. We are frequently asked which platform is our favourite to work with; the official answer is “whichever one is best for our customer” (if we’re forced to pick one, the […]